Higher fax qualities help with the readability of the fax, specially when small font is used in the fax document. However not all fax machines are compatible with higher fax qualities. Also higher quality faxes tend to have a higher failure rate in delivery.
We offer 3 different settings for fax quality:
  • Auto: Automatically lowers the fax quality if there is a failure in delivery.
  • High: Uses a higher fax quality to increase readability.
  • Low: Uses a lower fax quality to increase deliverability.
Guest Fax quality is not adjustable and all fax are sent using the
setting. Registered account can however change the quality of the fax when creating a fax by selecting from the available quality options:


Here you can see details about each attempt at sending your fax:
Attempt #1
Attempt #2
Attempt #3
Attempt #4
For additional resources please visit fax failures