What File Types Do You Support?

Although we support a wide range of file types, we recommend sending fax using pdfs. All other file types will be converted to pdfs before transmission. Some of the file types we support are (but not limited to):

  • *.pdfs
  • *.png, *.jpeg, *.jpg, *.bpm, *.gif, *.svg, *.webp
  • *.docx, *.rtf, *.xlsx
  • *.txt
  • *.tiff

If there is a file format you would like us to support that you do not see here, feel free to contact us and let us know.

Why are my documents black and white?

As most fax machines only recognize monochrome black and white, upon receiving your documents we convert them to grayscale pdfs. As they get transmitted they are further converted to monochrome black and white documents. If you would like to ensure that the documents you are sending is as close as possible to what is being received on the other end we would recommend submitting documents in the form of monochrome pdfs.

How will I know if my fax has been delivered?

We send out email notifications about the status of your fax.
Asides from email notifications, for registered accounts you can visit the Archive menu to see a list of all sent and received faxes and their status.


Here you can see details about each attempt at sending your fax:
Attempt #1
Attempt #2
Attempt #3
Attempt #4
For additional resources please visit fax failures