Fax Failures

Due to the fact that fax is transmitted over regular phone lines, fax failure is a common issue. There are various reasons why this could happen.
  • The receiving system could be busy
  • A fax machine is not setup at the receiving end
  • Issues with the phone line
  • The receiving end could be incompatible with our fax service
  • ...
Anytime there is a failure in delivery we always retry sending the fax up to 4 times. If we were unable to deliver after 6 attempts all payments made towards the fax will be refunded. For subscription plans the credits used towards sending the fax will be refunded.


Please note that anytime there is a failure we would recommend trying the following:
  • Lower the fax quality
  • Try again at a later time as it has proven to help with transient issues over the phone lines

Guest Fax

Anytime there is a failure in guest mode you will see a page like the following outlining the failure details;

Registered Accounts

For registered accounts by clicking on the
Retry Details
button you will see the reason for the failures.
In Progress
Indicates that the fax is in transmission.
This can occur if the receiving device is currently processing another fax.
Connection Issue
Different reasons can cause this error, noise or disturbance on the phone lines, issues with the receiving fax machine, ... We generally recommend trying again at a later and or trying a lower fax quality.
If you are getting this error, please try using a lower fax quality. If you have already chosen AUTO as the fax quality, it will automatically try a lower fax quality on later attempts.
Too Long
There is a maximum transmission duration of 10 minutes per fax. If you see this error it would be best to split your document into smaller sizes and fax each of them individually.


Here you can see details about each attempt at sending your fax:
Attempt #1
Attempt #2
Attempt #3
Attempt #4
For additional resources please visit fax failures